Sunday, January 31, 2016

Color in Focus Design Reveal

Hello and welcome back!  Today is the day I reveal what I created using this month's color in focus.   If this is your first visit, let me catch you up.   Back on the 1st of the month I introduced the Color in Focus feature I will be doing this year and introduced the colors I would be designing with.  Check out the post here

In the middle of the month,  I introduced the beads I would be using to create my jewelry design.  If you follow my work, you will know that these colors are really outside what I normally design with.  I love yellow but it usually only shows up as a color pop and I barely ever use red unless it is a bold design.  So I really enjoyed the challenge of working with these colors.   What does my final piece look like?  Let's take a peek!

Sunburst Necklace
I ended up not using some of the yellow and white ceramic beads in my final design because they just wouldn't lay right in the necklace.  But I do love how the red and yellow glass beads make this piece feel sunny and happy.   I can see wearing it on a rainy day and it would really brighten your mood.  The grey/tan glass works back to the colors in the palette and also ties back to the grey in the ceramic pendant.  Finally those yellow sparkle beads break up the color and add my signature touch of sparkle.   If you remember, the original photo from my inspiration piece included and ear of corn.  I mimicked the linear pattern from that inspiration in the way I laid out the glass beads in my design.   I am very big about working with odd numbers of beads, it is more pleasing to the eye and makes the symmetry work to our brains.  Pairs are best left for earrings!

Sunburst Necklace
Did you join in this month?  Or did you use color outside your own comfort zone?  I would love to hear your thoughts on my piece and see your own designs.  Coming tomorrow.... February's colors!!
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