Friday, January 1, 2016

Color in Focus

Welcome to 2016!!  I hope your New Year is off to a great start and you have enjoyed your holiday festivities.  One of the goals I have for the new year is to be more interactive on my blog.  I want to share more about my design process with you as well as continue to give you peeks at my new pieces.

As part of that new focus,   I will be starting a monthly program all about color.  I love color!  From a young age I was drawn to crayons, pastels and colored pencils and I would lay them out in all kinds of arrangements to see how the colors worked together.  I still cherish color and I love to add pins to my inspiration board on Pinterest that are all about color combinations that interest me.  So,  I will be sharing some of these with you each month.  The first post will introduce the colors I will be working with,  the next one during the month will show the beads I have chosen to work with and a final post each month will show my completed design.  With that, are you ready to see this month's choice?

Design Seeds:  Colored Corn 

I bet you expected something fitting January!  But I am not looking at this particular palette as fall themed (even though I am in love with what must be the most perfect corn I have ever seen)  It is the color combination that speaks to me.  They are earth tones, but not in the normal range of browns and beige as we would expect. What do you think about this month's choice?  I would love to hear your comments and if you would like to join in at any time feel free!!   It is always fun when people add their ideas too.

See you back here in about a week when I have my bead choices firmed up.  

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  1. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  2. I love the colors myself!

  3. Beautiful, I love color too, and trying to capture it with photography, quilts, baskets, many possibilities!


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