Saturday, April 2, 2016

Color in Focus Jewelry Design Reveal for March

Hello again and I hope everyone is having a great spring! This is always one of my favorite times of year because even here in Florida we get signs of spring. The trees bud, the birds seem more active and our local Sandhill Cranes get new little wee ones.  When I introduce you to the April colors, you will see that spring definitely inspired my choices.  

But first, I want to reveal the jewelry I created with the Feb/March color palette. Here is a link to the post I created announcing the colors if you want to be reminded of my choice. 

Next,  a quick reminder of the beads I chose to work with:

If you remember, I was really looking forward to working with the celery green along with the purple because it was a combination that I hadn't tried before.  Here are the results!

Green Apple Necklace
First up is what I am affectionately calling the green apple necklace.  It really does give me that fresh, juicy vibe so I think I will stick with it. The large green lentil beads really do work very well with the vintage deep purple seed beads  The bugle beads worked great as spacers and the blue faceted rondelles really did add the perfect pop. The necklace was much more muted on my design board before I added them.

Spring Floral Necklace

If you follow some of my blog posts you know how asymmetrical design is something I struggle with.  My eye sees symmetry. Perfect sections of odd number of beads with either one focal or three. But I know it is a trend to not be that way and sometimes a group of beads really do stand out much better when you accent them in this way. The purple poly clay roses flow down the side of the necklace reminding me of the placement of a lei making this design take on a very feminine touch. Adding peridot green crystal rondelles again brings in that pop of color I would never have considered before. This necklace is very lightweight and I love how it has a lot of options for day or night wear.

Apple Blossom Earrings
I used to make earrings almost every time I created a necklace but for some reason I have gotten away from that lately.  I wanted to get back to that so this time, I didn't make just one pair, but two! The first pair has the vintage purple Italian seed beads and the blue and peridot crystals.  Purple Czech glass floral beads dangle gently from the bottom and that gives them a very distinct soft feminine feel.

Purple Ice Earrings

I find it very interesting how using the same beads in different combinations can take a pair of earrings from soft and feminine to somewhat edgy. The vintage seed beads and crystals are here again, but when adding the vintage bugle beads the earrings take on a less classic look and become more visually daring. I want to encourage you to experiment this way. Lay out your beads in different combinations and see how just changing one or two can really change the whole look. I would love to hear about what you come up with!

Now,  to introduce the April color inspiration. When looking for the next palette I wanted two things. First, I wanted to use very bright colors because the last two choices have been much more earthy in tone. So it was time to mix it up!  Also, since it is Spring, I felt it was important to choose colors that embraced this time of year.  So take a peek at the colors I will be working with for April!


I am looking forward to working with the bright crimson colors in combination with the coolness of the white and mint.  I also feel like this could be used along with the Pantone colors of the year and for Spring as well. These colors make me think of new flowers, but it also makes me think of water and the beach and even a touch of Europe as well. I will be back mid month with my bead selections to show you what I will be working with.

I would love for you to join me on this journey so feel free to jump right in!  If you do create something, please share! 
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