Thursday, March 10, 2016

Color in Focus February/March Bead Reveal

If you are a follower of my blog, (thank you if you are!!!)  then you know that I started a new theme in January to post a monthly color study.   Well, I kind of messed up in February.   I got bogged down in designing and creating some special order pieces and just didn't have time to finish picking my beads, photographing them and creating something.   I know that is a good problem to have, but I feel bad because I am really enjoying this process.   I wanted you all to know that I didn't give up on it, but to give the wonderful color palette I picked last month its full due,  I am going to finish off March using the same colors.

Here is my post from last month with my initial thoughts :

Now that is out of the way,  let's take a peek at the beads I chose from my collection to work with the color palette!

The color I chose to focus on this month are the rich purples.  I had some great glass rod beads with matching seed beads I have really wanting to use for a while that fit the color perfectly. While I was searching, I found the polymer clay roses and their undersides are a great fit with the two purple tones.   The color I thought would be the most challenging was the celery green color.  One of the reasons why I wanted to do these monthly color studies is because even though I love color, I wanted to step outside my comfort zone and use it in a way I had never imagined.   Green and purple together is one of those ways.  But, when I found those large green lentil beads and laid them next to the purple I could see how they would work. I am really looking forward to designing with them now.

To finish off my choices,  I realized that one of the colors was a hint more blue than purple  so I chose some Czech glass flower beads and some blue crystal rondelles to represent that blue tone.  I also so found some celery green crystals that should also be a welcome challenge with the purple.

Ok, I will be back at the end of the month with my designs.   I hope you stop by to see what I make.  Also,  I would love to hear your thoughts or have you join in and design as well.   See you then!
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  1. Delightful combination of beads ! Challenging yet comfortable .

  2. I love this idea! I'll be trying some of your color schemes if I already have the supplies for them. This one especially looks right up my alley.


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