Thursday, October 15, 2015

Lunar Eclipse Challenge Reveal

I am very excited to be able to participate in another of Andrew Thornton's design challenges!  This month we got to work with a wonderful collection of beads.  The gemstone this time around was smoky quartz. I have a personal connection to this stone.  I remember as a young girl, my mother received a beautiful rectangular smoky quartz ring as a gift.   I always wanted to wear it when I played dress up.  It is a great memory, and that stone will always make me think of her when I see it.  

Here is a peek at some of the goodies Andrew sent along for me to create with.  Along with the smoky quartz there are some beautiful pieces of vintage glass, Czech beads, vintage acrylic, vintage seed beads and some Irish waxed linen.  As usual, even after I made three pieces I have a ton left over to keep designing with.   It is one of the reasons I love Andrew's challenges so much, there is always more to enjoy!

My first piece really came together quickly in my mind.  My only issue is that it doesn't have a Lunar theme to me but a warrior one.  Andrew made the beautiful pendant out of polymer clay and includes an alchemy symbol.  It really reminded me of something one would find on a talisman.  When I put it with the rectangular pieces of smoky quartz, it felt very strong and full of energy.  Something a warrior would wear.  I added the golden glass beads and a touch of bronze with the vintage seed beads.  I connected the beaded portion of my necklace to some larger links of gun metal chain. Again, it made me think of heavy metal you might find on ceremonial or war clothing.  To stick with my warrior theme, I finished the piece off with black leather in a slip necklace so it can be adjusted to size by the wearer.  I left the knotting on the leather rough to fit my design plan.

My second necklace returns to the Lunar theme of the design challenge.  Using the vintage acrylic, glass beads, and Czech beads I was able to create a piece that reminds me of what a planetary landscape might look like.  I think all these recent photos of Pluto and the evidence of water on Mars really inspired my design.

My final piece is a beautiful stretch bracelet that just really seems to fit this time of year.  I use some of the vintage glass beads from the kit along with a lot of other beads from the luxury bead mix Andrew provides.  I love the way the bronze and golden beads work together and this fun little bracelet will work all the way through to the Holidays.

Thank you so much for hosting us again Andrew and I look forward to seeing everyone else's designs.

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  1. Great Job! I love all three designs, but most of all your first piece. I like the chain and leather at the top to tie it all together.

  2. Beautiful designs! I especially like your first necklace.

  3. I especially like your second necklace. I like the design and thought behind it. Well done!

  4. Lovely pieces! I love that you used those two brown and white stripey beads in the second necklace. I love those! Your first necklace is so pretty, and the bracelet is such a great fall piece!

  5. Great job as always! I can the planets in the second piece!

  6. Hi Marybeth, You got some great mileage out of the challenge kit with the three pieces you shared with us. Very nice!

  7. So many great creations! Bravo! I love how you were able to capture the tribal energy of the piece and harness it in your first necklace. What great work! Thanks so much for participating!


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