Sunday, August 30, 2015

Beady Leftovers Blog Hop Sign Up

If you are like me, you have a collection of beads that are leftovers.  Mine is a collection of beads that are the pieces I didn't use from other blog hops and challenges.   Every time I finish working on one of those I add the orphan beads to the mix in a big takeout soup container.   Well,  what was once only one container is now two.   I keep looking at those containers and going, "I should make something with those someday!"  But nothing has motivated me to try.   Well,  I would like to motivate myself and bring you along with me on the creative journey by hosting a blog hop!

I am going to keep participation requirements very easy for this one.  The only requirement is that you use beads that are leftovers.   You can use a few extra beads from your regular design stash along with findings, but since the point is to use up your leftovers,  the majority of your designs should be from there.   I ask that you take a before shot of your beads along with the photos of your completed designs.   That way we all get to see what kind of goodies you had to work with.

Your beads do not have to be leftovers from other blog hops and challenges.  It ok if you just use left over beads from other projects you worked on.   I just want to see your creativity at work!  

There will be two ways to participate.   You can hop along with us by writing a blog post on November 21st that shows us your before and after pictures and share a bit about your designs.  If you don't have a blog,  you can send your pictures to me at with a paragraph about your work and I will be happy to post them here on my blog on reveal day.  

Now...the good news!!! I will be drawing one name randomly from all the participants and that person will win a $25 dollar Amazon gift certificate!

To sign up, please comment below with your name and blog address if you will be hopping along with us.   If you don't have a blog just let me know your name and that you will be emailing me your photos.   Then get designing!   
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  1. Would love to join in with this hop. I have sooooo many left overs!

  2. I would love to join.. blog is http://skwds,

  3. Thanks for planning this! I look forward to it. Ann Schroeder -

  4. This should be very interesting ! sign me up and here is my poor neglected blog site....

  5. I am in. Will email my submission to you

  6. I want to join not sure if the comment posted but I sent an Email :)

  7. I am in though I will have to sort through my leftovers just to get to where I can take a picture as I have bins of them.

  8. I would love to participate - Rosantia Petkova

  9. I would like to participate...I am always in challenges and have beads left over. Would love to come up with something.



  10. What fun! I would love to participate--thanks for organizing this! This is my blog:

  11. Would love to join your blog hop. I always have leftover beads.



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