Sunday, March 1, 2015

Creating with a Joyful Muse

Several months ago,  Joyful Muse from Joyful Muse Studio announced that she was looking for jewelry designers to work with some of her newer pieces and to give her feed back on what worked, what might not have worked and of course, to make some pretty jewelry.   I was very excited to participate because she works with vintage pieces and they are always a favorite of mine.  Here is what she sent me:

Forgive the cell phone photo but my workspace doesn't allow for great photographs.   I did want to take a quick shot of what I was sent though so everyone could get an idea of the pieces.   She sent me some wonderful brass moons that appear to either be painted or had patina applied, one of her great vintage spinner pendants in an incredible shade of pink,  and a polymer clay piece in shades of tan, aqua blue, and pink with a great crystal heart in the middle, and finally some fun buttons.

I plan to use the buttons as clasps on future projects and will either use the moons on earrings or a bracelet as well.  First, let's take a look at the piece I made with the spinner pendant.

The pendant is a vintage spinner that she painted my favorite shade of soft pink (it also appears that she might have stamped the edge).  In the middle she added a polymer clay design that she highlighted with a pink crystal.  How could I not love this pendant?  It is my favorite color,  is vintage and has sparkle!  I of course had to create a necklace that fit the design.   I used light rose crystal bicones on a handmade rosary chain.  The pink just works perfectly with the pendant.  Finishing the necklace off is a short length of delicate chain and a heart toggle clasp.  

A close up of the pendant
Here is a look at the back of the pendant:

Next, I wanted to work with the other pendant so I spent some time in my bead stash finding just the right natural stone to match the polymer clay in her piece.   I ended up using grain stone and black lace marble to make that perfect match.

The pendant has some great aqua blue dots on it so I had to find just the right crystals to add a bit of my signature sparkle.  I used aqua and opalite rondelles to add some color between the grain stone beads.   The red crystal heart on the pendant adds just the right pop to the design.  I have a feeling the setting for the pendant is vintage and I really love the way she continued the circular design of the metal through out her piece.  

I hope you enjoyed taking a peek at the designs I made using Joyful Muse's pendants.   Be sure to check out her Etsy shop!  It has been such a pleasure to work with these pieces and provide feedback to a designer looking to grow her art.

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  1. Gorgeous designs, Marybeth! I almost didn't recognize the round pendant with the heart--you've brought out the earthiness of it so beautifully. And yes, that's a vintage component. And the spinners are my absolute favorite components to work with. So many options. That chain design is perfect for it. :-)


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