Monday, May 12, 2014

Jewelry Making Mojo Challenge Week 6

Ok, I admit it, I am behind on the Mojo Challenge.  Three weeks behind in fact.  But,  I got caught up in the Bead Soup Blog Party and that seemed to take all my time for the other challenges I had focused on.  I made a promise to myself that I would do as much of this challenge as possible, so I went back and finished the piece I had begun weeks ago to go with this week's theme.

Sarah's Rose
For this challenge, Heather encouraged us to find a song, poem or quote that inspired us and to then design a piece of jewelry from that inspiration.   If you know me, you know I am a very musical person.  My mother was a professional singer, and there was always music in my home.  I learned to play several instruments and I sung in choirs and choruses all the way through college.  Some of my friends say I think in song!  I often can pull song lyrics to fit any conversation and I am a great partner for trivia games!  

Knowing all that you would think this would have been an easy challenge for me. wasn't.  Why?  Because I have too many songs that inspire me!   I listen to music while I work on my jewelry designs.  I find it relaxing and it helps me focus on my work space.  So, I thought over some of the music that called me lately.  Jazz is a personal favorite genre, and one of the songs I have been listening to lately is Stacey Kent's So Many Stars.  You can find a video of the song here  The first stanza,  

"The dawn is filled with dreams
So many dreams, which one is mine?
One must be right for me
Which dream of all the dreams?"

Read more: Stacey Kent - So Many Stars Lyrics | MetroLyrics 

We all have dreams, and like I talked about in the Dreams Challenge a few posts ago, my jewelry work is a big part of my hopes and dreams.  Along with love, health and happiness.  We can all find our dreams, they are there for you just reach out and take them.  Here is my necklace, inspired by the song.

Sarah's Rose

I went with a jazz theme for my design.  I can imagine sitting in a dark jazz club, in some incredible dark purple dress and wearing this as my necklace.  If I really get lost in the image, its Chicago in the heart of the Jazz Age.  The focal is a black rose highlighted with clear crystals.  The glass beads are faceted black rose lampwork beads.  I love how the roses seem to float in the beads.  In between the roses are cube-shaped crystals in light rose.  These cube beads show up throughout the strands of the necklace as well.  I finished the necklace with crystal bicones in jet with an Aurora Borealis finish. 

I love this piece, it is classic and very feminine.  I enjoyed the challenge of getting to match a song to piece of jewelry very much, and I may explore that opportunity with other designs in the future.  I also enjoyed doing something in such a classic color like black, and adding just a bit of color for accent.  

Thanks for stopping by,  I will be back on Friday with this month's We're All Ears Earring Challenge and a birdhouse themed design challenge as well.  Until then, enjoy!

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  1. AnonymousMay 14, 2014

    I must have missed this post on the Mojo FB page. Came here for Bead Soup and had to read this post also. I love the inspiration and imagery you used for your thought process in creating this beautiful piece. I'm right there with you in that jazz club. Chi=town, here we come!

  2. I loved reading about your inspiration and seeing your piece.


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