Saturday, February 1, 2014

Moving in to a New Place

No,  I haven't moved into a new home, I am still loving living in the middle of all these beautiful long leaf pines.  But,  I have moved my blog to a new home.  Welcome!!  I am excited to bring my thoughts and designs over here to Blogger.  It gives me more options to share not only what I am currently working on, but also to highlight where you can find my designs, information on upcoming events and also share some of the beautiful work my design friends are doing.

In upcoming posts, I will be highlighting some of the beads that have made their way to my work space lately,  show off new designs and post my blog hop entries.   Also,  just like I did on the old blog, I will be posting about the creative process.  This will include thoughts on things that inspire me and challenge me.   Through my posts I hope that you will come to learn more about Marybeth..the person behind Forest of Jewels.   So, welcome again and come sit with me and enjoy a beautiful day in Florida, underneath the pines.

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