Friday, February 7, 2014

Kind Words

The last few months I have been venturing into Subscription Boxes with a few of my products.   These boxes are a new trend,  you sign up to receive a box of curated items, giving you the chance to try something new that you might not have been exposed to otherwise.  They have these boxes for almost, clothing, soap, I even saw one for cocktails the other day!  There are a few companies out there that focus on handmade items.  I have submitted my work to a few and had the pleasure to be able to add my items in their boxes.  

Back in January,  I was featured in the Dottiebox  mini box.  I made 105 pairs of earrings, and off they went to the kind people over at Dottiebox.   From a designers point of view,  sending all these little treasures off to be shipped to new homes makes me nervous.  I know that most of us want the person who is buying our latest piece to like what we create.   But when you send off  that many pairs at once it can bring up a bit of anxiety!  A lot of time and energy has gone into creating those little jewels, and of course I want each new recipient to be happy.  Adding to it is the fact that reviewing these boxes is popular with bloggers and I peek at the Net carefully as I wait to hear what they thought.  It is a wonderful way to get feedback and get your name out there, but I do think I know what an ingenue waiting backstage for her first write-up by a critic must feel!! 

When I saw this review yesterday,  it made my heart smile.  Every one of those little earrings went out with a piece of my heart, and kind words like this is what motivates me to continue to create my little bits of sparkle.   Thank you Grey Duck Blogging for this wonderful review!!!!

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