Monday, October 20, 2014

We're All Ears October Reveal

I'm late!  I'm late!! And I don't have a cute pocket watch!  Friday was the reveal date for this month's We're All Ears October Reveal over at Earrings Everyday  I couldn't get the right photograph for my earrings,  and then time got caught up with me and this was the first moment I had to update my blog.  

This month, Erin motivated us with marbleizing.   I haven't really thought much of this as an artistic technique, but it does remind me of when I was younger and loved to drag different shades of paint through each other to create those watery, wavy designs.   I wasn't quite sure what to focus on this time around and was just going to work with color when I had an idea.  

I took some paper strips I had from an old magazine cover and rolled my own paper beads.  I love making paper beads.  They are a great way to relax and you can make them almost anywhere.  I hand glue then though, so I do tend to get a bit sticky, but if you used a brush that wouldn't happen to you.   I love how the colors from the magazine cover remind me of the inspiration photo.   Lines of color intersperse through each other, just like dragging a paint brush through a pool of paint.  

I added some peacock shaded crystal bicones, aqua seed beads and drum spacer beads to complete my design.   I Love how they have a bohemian look and the sparkle of those crystals is just wonderful!

Make sure to check in at this month's reveal to see what everyone else has created!
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  1. Wow, I love the paper beads! I haven't thought of paper ones for this challenge, but they mimic the pattern pretty well. The drummer spaces are so pretty as well.

  2. So glad I checked back to see if any new earring posts had been added to Mr Linky. I'm so glad I did or I would of missed seeing your earrings that you made for the challenge! They are so cool...with a bit of an ethnic vibe to them!

  3. I'm late too... on the hopping front! I've been on the road and just now have time to do some hopping around. Really cool how you made your own paper beads! Love the colors!

  4. I love the paper beads! I used to do that with students before it was cool. ;-) I would dip them in hot candle wax to seal them. There is always at least a week to get your link put up so you weren't late! Thanks for taking up the We're All Ears Challenge. Stop by on Friday, November 7th for the next inspiration. Enjoy the day! Erin


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