Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Hop, Hop, Hopping All Over the Place!!!

Sorry I have been away from the blog for a bit,  but I have been focused on creating  and (hopefully!!!) selling the last few weeks.  Throw in summer break from school and I seem to have lost all my creative writing time.   I wanted to post a quick update to let you know what is coming down the pike.   Blog Hops of course!!!  I have come to really enjoy them.  Every time I participate, I am challenged and it always takes my designs to a new level.  

First up:
Good Earth Challenge July 17, 2014
I had the luck to be able to enter one of Andrew Thorton's blog hops before they sold out.   They always go fast, so I was very excited to get into this one.  Check out Andrew's blog.  He is an incredibly creative individual.   I was overwhelmed when I got these beads and I have made three pieces so far and probably have two more in mind, if I can figure out how to use my new knotting tool.

Here is a sneak peek at some of the beads I received:

The next hop up is Lisa Lodge's Gemstone and Metal Blog Hop.
Gemstone and Metal Blog Hop July 19,2014

I do not have pictures yet of the wonderful beads I received, but one of the reasons I love participating in Lisa's blog hops so much is because she always gives such a great range of beads to work with.  This will be lots of fun!  Check out Lisa's blog here

If you take a peek over on the left side of my blog,  (<------  Yes, over there :) )  You can see an updated list of some of the blogs and challenges I will be participating in over the next few months.  

So, with all this talk of hops, it is time to make a special announcement.  Forest of Jewels and your friendly hostess, (that's me!!!)  Will be holding a Blog Hop  in November in time for my birthday.  I haven't gotten all the details together yet, but expect to work with beautiful Czech glass beads and handmade clasps, plus a special focal bead.   I will be announcing the hop and starting signups in the middle of August, so make sure to check back for details.  Better yet,  follow the blog so you don't miss an update!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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  1. Me me me -- please add me to your participant list for your upcoming blog hop right now! :) Ohhh.. so exciting.

    xxoo Rita

    Toltec Jewels

  2. And congrats on "Good Earth" -- lucky!! I missed that one... but I'll be hopping to see what everyone creates.


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