Thursday, March 20, 2014

Jewelry Making Mojo Challenge Week 3-Go Back To School

A few weeks ago, I posted about my participation in the weekly Jewelry Making Mojo Challenge over at Humblebeads .  While I wasn't trying to find my mojo,  I was looking forward to embracing a weekly challenge that would not only allow me to challenge myself but would let me work at focusing to get things done.  Alas,   I am a little late turning in my week 3 post but that was a delay in shipping, not me putting things off.

Several weeks ago, I aquired a Vintaj BIGkick machine (it is actually a Sizzix machine, but this is the Vintaj limited edition) and I have been wanting to experiment with it.  

Sizzix Vintaj BIGkick

I have been curious about using metals and embossing them for some time.  If you spend some time over at the Vintaj site it can be a bit overwhelming.  So much art metal in all different shapes, designs and colors!  After studying for a bit,  I ordered some arte metal blanks and a couple of dies to use in my machine.  When they arrived,  I jumped right in, embracing the mojo challenge to go back to school and learn something new.

The machine is very easy to use, all it takes is a little muscle to crank the plates through and a bit of trial and error to line the pieces up.  First, I embossed two round blanks.  Here is how they came out:

One thing I love about the Vintaj site is that there are tons of tutorials, project ideas and videos on the site.   By studying them I learned to sand and buff the piece of metal after it came through the machine to put the embossing in relief.  (I used a multi-sided finger nail file, I need to get a Vintaj block to keep from raiding my manicure supplies)  I do like how they came out for my first attempt!  I can see them both on a black chain, highlighted with some pretty sparkly beads.  They will fit right in with my love of mourning jewelry.

Next, I tried a DecoEtch die on some arte metal earring blanks.  Here is how they turned out:

The relief is hard to see because I haven't used any inks or patinas on them to bring out the design.  Since this is an etching instead of an emboss, I really don't think the keys will show without some added color.  I haven't gotten any inks or dies yet, so for now these are a work in progress.  I am not as happy with the etching because I would have rather just had the key and not the nearby designs from the die on the piece.  If anyone knows a way to keep that from happening I would love to learn!

Well,  I went back to school and started learning all about working with metals, how to emboss and etch.  Now I have to go further and learn to use inks and patinas to make my work come to life.  Week 4 of the Jewelry Making Mojo challenge is all about making my own findings.  Eeeek!!!!  I've never made any so that will be a challenge!!  See you soon!

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  1. I love my Vintaj Big Kick too! It's so much fun to play with. You can use acrylic paints on those etched pieces to add in a little color to the keys. I like to use the Vintaj patina paints on the metal too - they are worth picking up a set or two.


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